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Preventive Care

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION… Regular veterinary care is essential to the well-being of your pet. Our doctors and staff are here for you and your pet from the excitement of the first visit to the fun-filled senior years! Starting your puppy or kitten out right is vital to their health. Our doctors perform a thorough examination during your first visit and explain the importance of each vaccination and the series of vaccinations needed to fully protect your new friend! Our dedicated staff will be happy to review nutrition, early training and parasite prevention during your visit. Remember that dental health begins at home! Our technicians will demonstrate proper brushing technique and training tips so that you can begin brushing your pet’s teeth between visits. Our puppy and kitten visits include an informative packet with complimentary products for our new four-legged friend. Just as you see your family doctor each year, your pet needs to visit his doctor too! During each annual visit the doctor will examine your pet for any changes in her health from the previous year. We will also give vaccinations and test for intestinal parasites and heartworms, the results will be ready for you during your visit. You will receive a comprehensive Pet Report Card and Pet ID card for your records. Parasite prevention is imperative! We recommend that all dogs and cats stay on heartworm, intestinal parasite and flea prevention all year round. We can provide you with a year’s supply or convenient monthly doses from our office or shipped to your home through our Home Delivery system. As your pet ages we recommend seeing your faithful companion on a regular six-month schedule. Our doctors can monitor any changes or catch potential health problems before they develop into something serious. During your Senior Wellness Visit you will receive an informative package that explains the medical needs of our older friends. We encourage annual diagnostic blood work and radiographs to more closely monitor any changes in your pet’s health. By seeing his veterinarian on a regular schedule your companion will be with you for many years to come!