Dental Care

Maintaining good oral health is essential for pets, just like humans. Neglecting dental care can have serious consequences on your pet’s overall well-being. Regular dental checkups are crucial, as they can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and the formation of plaque and tartar. Additionally, dental care helps freshen your pet’s breath, alleviates pain and discomfort, and promotes better overall health by preventing other issues like heart disease and organ problems. By prioritizing dental care, you can contribute to your pet’s longevity and ensure a happier, healthier life. Book an appointment at East Ridge Animal Hospital today and provide your furry friend with the dental care they deserve.

Proper Dental Health for Your Pet

Here at East Ridge Animal Hospital, we believe that good dental health is one of the most important ways to prevent disease in your pets. This is why we have an entire suite at our clinic specifically for dental procedures.

Cleaning and Polishing Your Animal’s Teeth

Our practice has one of the most advanced veterinary dental machines available today, which lets us completely clean and polish your pet’s teeth. Tatar and calculi that are visible on their teeth may only be part of the problem. To effectively treat any dental diseases, the teeth must be cleaned below the gumline as well as inside periodontal pockets where bacteria can grow.
We can also take special dental X-rays, giving us a look at the entire structure of the tooth. This also allows us to identify any problems that may not be visible upon an initial exam.

Total Comfort During All Procedures

Dental procedures for pets can only be completed under general anesthesia, and we only use the safest techniques to put your furry friend at ease.
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