East Ridge Animal Hospital is here to offer microchipping in Chattanooga for your beloved pets. By implanting a small, rice-sized device under their skin, we provide a unique identification number that can be scanned to reunite lost pets with their owners. Microchipping provides numerous benefits, including increasing the chances of finding your pet if they become lost, providing reassurance and avoiding the heartbreaking loss of a cherished companion.
To maximize the effectiveness of microchipping, it’s essential to keep the chip’s information up-to-date. This involves regularly updating your contact details, your pet’s medical history, and any medications they may be taking. During routine checkups, our veterinarians can assist you in updating this information and perform chip scans, ensuring accurate and current information to facilitate a swift reunion if your pet ever goes missing.
In addition to aiding in lost pet situations, microchipping plays a vital role in emergencies. If your pet is involved in an accident, the chip can be quickly scanned to determine their identity and medical history, enabling our veterinarians to provide the best possible care. Rest assured, microchipping in Chattanooga is a safe and effective measure to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being. Trust East Ridge Animal Hospital to provide this valuable service for your furry family members.
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