Pet Boarding


Complete Care While You’re Away

If you’re going out of town and need pet boarding in Chattanooga for your pet, bring them to East Ridge Animal Hospital. We will feed your furry friend Science Diet premium food as well as give them comfortable bedding to sleep on. If you would prefer they eat their regular diet of food, please bring it along and let us know. We know how important a regular routine is to pets.
When you check in, we’ll go over any specific instructions you have for your pet during their stay.

Spacious Doggie Boarding Area

Our boarding area for dogs offers roomy runs and kennels, depending on your pet’s needs. Each of our visitors is taken outside at least four times a day to play and enjoy one-on-one time with a friendly staff member. Our kennel staff will care for your pet each day and make sure they’re always in a clean, comfortable, healthy and happy environment.

Large Cat Condos

Our feline room features large cat condos with raised platforms to keep your pet comfortable, exercised and entertained. Each cat is given their own soft bed and litter box, which is regularly cleaned. Our boarding area includes an indoor play area, so each of our guests can stretch their legs and enjoy some play time. All cat condos measure 27.5″ x 27.5″.
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